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Bulgaria: My First Workplace

This dynamic and informative youth video was created for the purposes of the CITUB campaign “My First Workplace”. The campaign is directed towards secondary-school graduates. It aims to acquaint young people entering for the first time into the labour market with their labour rights and obligations; to enhance the civil consciousness of the students; to facilitate their transition from school to the labour market; to stimulate their successful adaptation to the world of labour; to promote their career development; and to inform the students about different measures against the shadow economy (work without an employment contract, etc.). For two school years (2011-2012 and 2012-2013) 95,856 graduates have been trained within the framework of the campaign.

In an entertaining and intriguing way, the video gives basic knowledge concerning the students’ labour and social rights: finding work, starting work, necessary documents, remuneration, working time, discipline at the workplace, health and safety at work, wage, social security contributions, leave, quitting work, work abroad, the advantages of being a trade union member, etc.

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