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NTUC Best Practices on Sustainable Jobs

The Labour Movement Effect Description: Better Jobs For All - Dream or Reality? How does the Singapore Labour Movement (LM) do it, and just why are these workers and employers happier and more enriched? It’s called The LM Effect!

YCH Group Makes Jobs Easier, Smarter and Safer for Workers Description: Workers’ jobs are made Easier, Smarter and Safer at the YCH Group with the latest technologies which enhance productivity. YCH Group also implemented SNTUC’s initiative, Progressive Wage Model, to develop three different career ladders for its material handlers.

How The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) Helps Workers Description: The Progressive Wage Model: Helping workers become more skilled and productive; and move up to better jobs with better pay!

SingPost Makes it Easier, Smarter and Safer Description: SingPost found ways to make work Easier, Safer and Smarter for its workers, and implements Progressive Wage Model

Cleaning The Easier, Smarter and Safer Way Description: Find out how the job of cleaners at Clean Solutions are now Easier, Smarter and Safer (ESS)and earn better wages through the Progressive Wage Model

Cooking Up A Storm With Technology Description: A restaurant utilises SNTUC-managed Inclusive Growth Programme to boost productivity & workers’ wages

Best Sourcing Symposium 2014 Description: Government endorses SNTUC’s initiative, the Progressive Wage Model

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