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Belgian trade unions launch Jobs4Climate campaign

The Belgian Climate Coalition, a network of the 3 major trade unions (ACV, ABVV and ACLVB) together with environmental organization, North-South movements and youth movements, launched last March 27 a media campaign entitled “Jobs4Climate”.

This campaign aims to promote job creation through sustainable investments. It seeks to raise awareness among political authorities, businesses and citizens about the economic, social and environmental benefits of robust climate policies and investing in energy transition. The campaign pleads for investments in energy efficiency (renovation of buildings), renewable energy, sustainable public transport and the development of a smart electricity grid. These investments would create around 60,000 new and quality direct and indirect jobs in Belgium. And they should be accompanied by worker education and training programs, and research and development strategies.
The Climate Coalition highlights the socio-economic benefits of an ambitious climate policy, that would enable to reduce air pollution, dependence on costly fossil fuels and fight more effectively against climate change. All with an indisputable positive effect on the economy in the medium and long term.
The Climate Coalition was born in 2008 and has done already several ringing campaigns like “Sing for the climate”, “Dance for the climate”, and now “Jobs4Climate”. The actions of this Coalition are designed to inform and mobilize the general public opinion to climate issues. The “Jobs4Climate” campaign is in accordance with the main objective of the Coalition, the promotion of a just transition to a low carbon, sustainable and green economy, ensuring decent work and respect for social rights.
You can find more information on this website: (in Dutch and French).

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