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3rd ITUC World Congress

General information

The venue for the Congress is:

City Cube Berlin
Messedamm 26
D-14055 Berlin

Many participants wishing to attend the ITUC World Congress will need a Schengen visa to enter Germany. Click on one of the links below for a list of countries to which this visa requirement applies: (in English) (in German)

Information on the visa procedure is provided on the websites of German missions abroad. We recommend that all participants follow the procedure to the letter. The web addresses of these German missions abroad are listed on the following pages of the German Federal Foreign Office website: (in English) (in German)

Anyone needing a temporary visa is recommended to submit their application to the German Embassy responsible for their country as early as possible. Most German missions abroad have introduced an appointment system for visa applicants, and in some cases appointments can be requested online. We recommend that you make use of this facility if available, to prevent long waiting times.

Some visa applications can also be submitted electronically. For more information on this, see the website of your respective German mission abroad.

Your official invitation to attend the ITUC Congress must be submitted along with your visa application. In addition, you are required to take out travel and health insurance valid for Europe that covers you for a total of €30,000. Most websites of German missions abroad provide a list of approved insurers.

Furthermore, you will need to provide proof of how your travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

Any participants who experience difficulties obtaining a visa are requested to contact the ITUC immediately, citing their full name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, nationality and passport details (number, date and place of issue and expiry date).

At present no vaccinations are required by persons entering Germany.

In Germany, smoking is banned in all public buildings and restaurants. A smoking ban also applies in the City Cube venue, though there are designated outdoor areas for smokers.

Only goods for personal use or consumption may be brought into Germany.

Such goods must only be for the personal use or consumption of the traveller, members of his/her household or as intended as presents. It is prohibited to bring in goods for others against payment.

On no account may goods be intended for commercial purposes.

Maximum quantities and value

  • Tobacco (the importer must be at least 17 years old):
    • 200 cigarettes
    • 100 cigarillos or
    • 50 cigars or
    • 250 g smoking tobacco or
    • a proportionate assortment of these goods.
  • Alcohol und alcoholic beverages (the importer must be at least 17 years old):
    • 1 litre of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22% alcohol by volume or undenatured ethyl alcohol with an alcohol content of 80% by volume or more or
    • 2 litres of alcohol and alcoholic beverages with a maximum alcohol content of 22% by volume or
    • a proportionate assortment of these goods and
    • 4 litres of still wine and
    • 16 litres of beer.
  • Medicinal products
    • in a quantity sufficient to meet the traveller’s personal needs only.
  • Other goods
    • up to a total value of €300
    • passengers travelling by air or sea up to a total value of €430
    • travellers under 15 years of age up to a total value of €175

For more information, see: (in English) (in German)

The currency used in Germany is the euro.

For current exchange rates, see

Berlin has two airports, Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Schönefeld.

Most flights will land at Berlin-Tegel. The journey by taxi from this airport to the centre of Berlin should take around 20 minutes and cost between €20 and €30.
The same journey by public transport also takes about 20 minutes.

The taxi journey from Berlin-Schönefeld will cost around €60 and last between 30 and 45 minutes, roughly the same time as the equivalent trip by public transport.

Berlin has an extensive network of regular metro and urban rail services running between the various parts of the city.
Trams only operate in some districts. Bus services cover interconnecting roads and the city’s outer suburbs.

For transport purposes, the city of Berlin is divided into three ticket zones: A, B and C. For the Congress you will only need tickets covering zones A and B.

Various types of tickets are available In Berlin, but we recommend that you buy a 7-day VBB Eco Ticket for zones A and B (in German „7-Tage-Karte VBB Umwelt AB“), which costs €28.80.

Tickets can be bought at any railway station or at Berlin-Tegel airport.

For more detailed information on public transport in Berlin, see the website

The ITUC has not taken out any accident or health insurance, so participants are advised to arrange their own insurance cover, if they feel this is necessary.

Participants can expect temperatures in Berlin in May to range between 12 and 20°C.

In May, the time in Berlin will be Central European Summertime (GMT+2).

Germany uses earthed power sockets (230 volts and 50 Hertz).

For more information on outlets and plugs in Germany, see:,_Netzspannungen_und_-frequenzen.

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