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Ferroalloy plant in Aksu (Kazakhstan)

Labor protection system in the Aksu Ferroalloy plant

Aksu Ferroalloy plant (the branch of JSC “Kazchrome”) is the world’s largest producer of ferroalloys. First glimpse of the plant and on the organization of health and safety new workers receive in a special training, performed in a specially equipped for this purpose office. In the training the main tutors are: inspector of the personnel department, fire safety engineer, health worker, engineer of the occupational health and safety.

When the instruction is issued, every employee receive personal card with safety and protection instruction. In the plant shops (which is actually workplace) employees have further trainings about safe working practices . Occupational safety and health protection is very important, because specificity of metallurgy is associated with high temperature processes, as well as the operation of the mechanism displacing the molten metal.

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