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Während des Kongresses werden zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten, in den Mittagspausen und im Anschluss an Sitzungen, Nebenveranstaltungen stattfinden.

PERC CauCus 19/05/2014 08:00AM NewYork1
ITUC Africa CauCus 19/05/2014 12:30PM NewYork1
FNV How to build democratic and dynamic trade unions to attract and mobilise new members 19/05/2014 12:30PM NewYork3
ITUC-AP Regional Caucus Meeting (For all ITUC affiliates from the Asia and Pacific Region only. Please send only one delegate, with an interpreter if necessary, to attend the meeting) 19/05/2014 12:30PM Helsinki 1
TUC-PSI-EI Speaking out for LGBTI members - oppressed at work and in law 19/05/2014 12:30PM Helsinki2
ITUC Young Delegates 1st meeting 19/05/2014 12:30PM NewYork2
FES "Confronting the energy crisis: Trade Unions as agents of change" 19/05/2014 5:30PM NewYork2
ITUC Bootcamp "Organising" 19/05/2014 6:00 PM New York1
ITUC Bootcamp "Social Media" 19/05/2014 6:00 PM Helsinki 2
ITUC Bootcamp "Climate action" 19/05/2014 6:00 PM Helsinki1
FNV Film "Working Class Heroes" 19/05/2014 6:00 PM NewYork3
AFL-CIO Investor State Dispute Settlement 20/05/2014 07:30AM Helsinki1
CSA-TUCA CauCus 20/05/2014 12:30PM Helsinki2
AFL-CIO "Global Common Sense Economics" 20/05/2014 12:30PM NewYork1
SNAPAP Algeria "Violations des droits syndicaux en Algérie" 20/05/2014 12:30PM NewYork3
CWC (Workers Capital) Roundtable on Workers’ Capital Strategies 20/05/2014 12:45PM Berlin 2
Commonwealth Commonwealth meeting 20/05/2014 12:30PM Helsinki1
ITUC Youth action - Qatar 20/05/2014 12:30PM CityCube
Wage Indicator "Collective Agreement Database - now in 22 countries - Please join" 20/05/2014 1:00 PM NewYork2
Francophonie Francophonie meeting 20/05/2014 5:30 PM Lindau3
ITUC Deutsche Telekom Rally 20/05/2014 5:00 PM Outside CityCube
ITUC Bootcamp "Climate action" 20/05/2014 6:00 PM Helsinki1
ITUC - FNV "Informal economy - ILC Discussion and research" 21/05/2014 12:30PM NewYork3
KCTU Korea "How to response to SAMSUNG’s No Union Management Policy" 21/05/2014 12:30PM Helsinki 2
Wage Indicator "Collective Agreement Database - now in 19 countries - Please join" 21/05/2014 1:00 PM NewYork2
EDLC & EFITU "Labor in Egypt: the effect of the political situation on Egyptian workers & union freedoms." 21/05/2014 2:30 PM NewYork1
ITUC - TUDCN "Poverty anywhere constitutes a danger to prosperity everywhere" 22/05/2014 3:00PM Subpl A6-RR
CGTM- CLTM- CNTM -UTM "’Mauritania : solidarity with Mauritanian workers in the mining sector" 22/05/2014 3:00PM Lindau3
CNV Internationaal "Strategies to Enhance Youth Employability" 22/05/2014 3:00PM NewYork3
HKCTU Hong Kong-LO Sweden "Building Workers’ Power in China" 22/05/2014 3:00 PM NewYork2
ITUC Bootcamp "Organising" 22/05/2014 6:00 PM New York1
CWC (Workers Capital) Roundtable on Workers’ Capital Strategies 22/05/2014 18:00 NewYork2
ITUC Youth social night 22/05/2014 20:00 Puro Berlin

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