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The current global model of development is...

The current global model of development is not working for rural, indigenous and migrant women in Asia Pacific. Market-driven economy growth may have increased GDP and profits but it has done little for women living in poverty. Transforming development requires a transformation of labour practices, particularly for women being paid poverty wages and carrying the burden of economic growth. It will not be possible to eradicate poverty unless just and decent conditions of work, including living wages are established. While women’s labour market participation has grown in the region, the conditions and wages that the majority of women workers receive are below subsistence. Women workers comprise the majority in the garment industry, domestic work, service industries and agricultural subsistence farming. The majority of women workers in Asia continue to be employed in ‘vulnerable employment’. Global economic growth has largely been achieved by increasing the labour burden on women. Increasing participation rates and increasing ‘productivity’ demands have resulted in the lowering or stagnation of real wages with increasing out-put and cheaper products for consumers globally. We are starting this campaign to call for a decent work and living wage for all, especially for the most vulnerable workers in global industries where corporations are using race-to-the-bottom economics to bring their costs down while maximising profits. "Global week of Action for Cambodia garment workers" In January 2014, Cambodian garment workers protesting for a rise in wages faced a violent police crackdown. Subsequent arrests and violence at an industrial park mark an escalation of repression on workers simply asking for a fair living wage. Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development joined organisations from round the world in calling on international civil society to hold a Global Week of Action starting Friday, 10 January 2014. Ongoing protests are being held against state repression of workers, protection for workers’ right to freedom of assembly, and right to a living wage.

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