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UNI Professionals & Managers in the new world of work Video

Video summary: UNI Global Union brought together more than 100 leading professionals and managers, their unions, enterprises and academics from 32 countries across Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe to promote a global network that will actively identify and address the challenges facing P&M workers worldwide.

The conference’s focus was on tackling the skills shortage, building organising among P&M workers and unions, as well as providing practical training to promote the essential role of P&M workers in the workplace. Delegates adopted a ’manifesto for ethical P&M workers in employment’ to build a union culture to safeguard workers’ rights on health and safety, whistle-blowing in collective agreements, and lifelong learning.

UNI urged P&M workers and their unions to break through on strategic organising by building local campaigns, lobbying national governments and pursuing global agreements with multinational companies. UNI Global Union is determined to ensure that all P&M workers are respected in the workplace and society. UNI Global Union continues to encourage affiliates to do more to integrate P&M workers into membership.

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